Play motu patlu games

All people have to give credit to motu patlu, yeah thats correct, all people have to give them the credit, all beacuse they always become the saviour of the town furfuri nagar. With their scientist friend they come up with brilliant ideas and this become the great act of progress in the village, but their team all help the country to get benefits from their inventions. They are a great help for people of the village and for the country, otherwise the village should have gone rouge and people would run after to save their lives because John tries to rob people of their money and for their belongings. Village remain in peace with the help of Motu, patlu and Inspector Chingum.

The very importnt thing to consider is that motu and patlu do things to which they do not know what exatly will be the out come, they just test things and want to do good with the people and good for themselves, some things turn out good and somethings turn bad for them and also for the people of the village but thats the part of testing things. They have a flying car which help them get to far away places and its a very fast car, so fast that they can travel thousands of kilometers within very little time span. One more thing is that there was an invisible plane displayed in furfurinagar and the plane contained stealth capability and was able to disappear in the thin air with the push of the button, the plane gets stolen by rivals and they want to keep the plane to themselves but after the efforts of these both guys the plane gets back to its original place. Motu is hungry everytime and he needs to eat dozons of samosas everyday to keep him full. Whenever motu gets in trouble with his empty stomach he always gets beaten up by the rivals but when motu gets hands on the samosas then this is the time for his rivals to run a long distance which always leads to behind bars and when inspector Chingum arrests and put the rivals behind bars for long long time.